Digital Nude Art

Welcome to my website. I made the following pictures using a digital camera and computer graphic softwares.
For some of my artworks, (like for the first four pics below) I use a mix of CG rendered 3d backgrounds combined with
real model photos which I previously taken in a studio. To create the final composite photos and to make the illusion believable, it needs to perfectly match the light and shadows direction and to perfectly match the chromatic palettes
from both source images.

Natural Beauty and Body Harness

A natural beauty like Josee can have her nice curves emphasized with the black stripes of a body harness. This model is surely one of the prettiest and funniest girls I've had the chance to take pictures with.
If you want to see more about her you can visit her web pages here: HER INSTAGRAM or HER TWITTER ACCOUNT


Katrina is a beautiful russian woman. I like her natural look and her dark red hair which is well contrasted with her pale tone skin. I love high contrast photographs so I pushed this series in that way making the white wall in background washed out, giving more intensity to the dark areas and shadows on the model.

Asian Dream

With her magnificent black long hair, chinese born Yumi is a perfect example of asian beauty and sensuality. I like to post-process some of the images to look a bit like a painting or to make them a bit more graphic style (like picture #4 below). It inspires me a little reminescent of ancient chinese or japanese art.

The shower

The shower is a place where the poses taken by the model are almost always naturally sensual. I like the small water drops on the soft skin which catch the light and add to the sensuality. These photographs was taken in a low light rainy day. It adds a melancholy feeling to the photos... or maybe it's only in my mind.

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